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SEO Resources for 2019

Onpage and Offpage SEO help and Resources

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using this process we make our site ranking high on google search engine result page(SERP) without pay which is also known as Organic Search. By this practice we increse our site traffic quality and quantity with the help of Organic Search. We need a good website to rank on Google but the meaning of “Good”  is different in search engine. We Must follow search engine guidelines when we create a  website. You can download google document from Google Guideline Doc  or you can check Search Engine Starter guide . Why we Need SEO? Suppose You […]
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Please Check The Diagram Of a SERP page(Google)   Just below the Search Box Google show ads for a search term. In this section google can show upto 7 ads.   This Ads are paid search result. After this google show Local business listing. Google show maximum 3 local business listing. This local business listing is Unpaid Search result. After Google local listing we get 10 search snippet. This 10 search snippet list according to merit because of their relevance to the search terms. Again google show maximum 4 Ads. This ads also Paid Search.
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